I connected my account to the wrong email

I mistakenly linked my creator account to my personal email and need to unlink my social media accounts so that I can link my work email and earn credits. I have sent an message to the admin but have not heard a reply. Also, I can not access my profile to do this myself. TIA.

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Hey @jennifer.rand Thanks for reaching out about this. The WeVideo Creator Community is separate from your WeVideo account. Whether on your personal or work email you’ll still get the points for all of your awesome contributions here! :star_struck:

Yes, but my profile no longer shows up for me to unlink my social media accounts and I am unable to access the certifications. Any suggestions on how to correct this?

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Interesting, it sounds like you created a new account. Feel free to email me jeremie@wevideo.com and we can troubleshoot. Please include screenshots and all details.